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Using a concrete buggy for a medical marijuana floor
May 20, 2019

Concrete Buggy Pour

For A Medical Marijuana floor

Hi Everyone!

We were hired to pour a new concrete floor in a medical marijuana facility.

The easiest way to get the concrete into the building was for us to use a concrete buggy.

This powered buggy holds about 12 full wheelbarrows of concrete. Making the pour go fairly fast and efficient.

Watch us use this concrete buggy to pour the medical marijuana floor in beautiful Portland, Maine.

Check out the video below!


Concrete Buggy Pour For Medical Marijuana Facility

We also recently poured and finished a new concrete floor in a 70' x 28' house using a Line Pump.

The access to the house was limited to one door on the back side of the house, there was no way to get a concrete truck close to the door.

So we decided to pump the concrete into the basement. Watch how we use a pump truck and connect 6 hoses to pour this floor, a total of 29 yards of concrete.

Here's the video!

Pouring A Concrete Floor Using A Line Pump



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