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New Concrete finishing techniques video
April 12, 2019

Concrete Finishing Techniques

How to pour and finish a concrete patio

Hi everyone,

In this new video I'm showing you how we pour and finish a simple concrete patio.

I'm demonstrating how to install the concrete, screed, and bullfloat the concrete.

Then I'm showing you how to mag float, groove, edge, and broom finish the patio slab.

These are very easy concrete skills to learn and some of the skills we use the most in my business.

Check out the new video below, we're installing these patio slabs on the beautiful Kennebec River in Bath, Maine.

Thank you!!
Concrete Finishing Techniques Video 2

In Case You missed It.....

I have a previous video I put out about concrete finishing skills.

This is a great video to enhance you concrete finishing skills.

Check it out below.



Concrete Finishing Techniques Video 1

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