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Concrete overlay questions, Crack repair, and Sealer questions
April 05, 2019

Concrete Q&A Friday

Overlays, Crack Repair, and Sealers


There's some great questions this week about what and how to use concrete overlays.

What overlay to use to level a floor that's 2 1/2" out of level.

What overlay to use to fix a pitted concrete driveway.

Can I just pour new concrete over old concrete?

How do I renew an old looking exposed aggregate concrete driveway?

Can I use a concrete overlay right over carpet glue?

and a lot more good questions.

Check out the video below to find my insights and answers!!
See the video HERE!

In Case You missed It.....

Last week I uploaded a new video that shows you how we use a vibra screed to install a BIG concrete floor for a new house.

I'm sharing with you all the tips & tricks I've learned from using a vibratory screed on 100's of concrete floor installations.

You'll have to check out the video to find out what I think is the #1 MOST important ingredient to get a very flat floor using one of these screeds.

If you're just starting out in the concrete flatwork business, this is one tool you'll want to have as soon as you can afford to get one.

When you watch the video, I give you my recommendation for what vibra screed I like NOW. It's in the description below the video.

Don't forget to share the video on your social media!!



How To Vibra Screed - My Pro Tips & Tricks

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