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Questions answered about slabs, sealers, repair, and countertops
March 29, 2019


Hi Concreter's

It's 10 in 10 Friday again. I'm answering 10 of your questions in 10 minutes or less over on YouTube.

This weeks questions have to do with:

Concrete slabs, Concrete repair, Concrete sealers, Concrete countertop mix design, Concrete Crack repair, Fixing crumbling concrete, and how to attach forms to concrete.

Click the link below to watch and listen to my answers to these interesting questions.

If you've got a question, reply to this email or ask it in the YouTube comments and I'll try to answer it on an upcoming edition of 10 in 10.




If you missed this video, these floors are wild!

Metallic Epoxy Floor Installation

Who here wants to learn how to install epoxy floors?

We install a lot of them, solid color epoxy coatings, flake epoxy floors, and these awesome METALLIC epoxy floors.

Watch the video and leave me a comment on YouTube if you want to know how to install these floors.

They look WILD!

P.S. My exclusive membership is coming soon! In it I'll have in-depth trainings on how to do concrete floors, concrete slabs, crack repair, epoxy floors, stamped concrete and much more. STAY TUNED for more.

I'm only opening it up to 10 members at first.

There will be a monthly fee to join this exclusive club. The first 10 will get in for $27.00 per month, then it will go up after that.

If you want to be one of the first 10, reply to this email. The first 10 to reply will get the first week for a dollar then the monthly fee will kick in.

I'll update you when I'm going to launch it. It will be soon!

best regards,


Awesone Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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