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Concrete slab foundation with radiant heating in the floor
May 24, 2019

Concrete Slab Foundation

With Radiant Heat Tubing In The Floor

Hi Everyone!

This is a great video of us pouring a concrete slab foundation with radiant heat tubing in the floor.

The 6 inch slab is insulated with 2 inches of styrofoam to help keep the slab warm and protect the slab from the frost.

The edges were thickened to a total of 12 inches thick. This is a typical slab foundation here in Maine.

Watch how we pour the concrete for this 2 bay garage that also has 2 trench drains.

If you want to learn how to form and pour a garage slab just like this one, there will be a link in the description of the video for my concrete slab secrets course.

Check out the video below!

Pouring a concrete slab foundation for a garage.



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