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Special Discount! 3 Days Left Before it Runs Out!
January 23, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I don't want you to miss out on this great deal!

At midnight FRIDAY the 50% discount offer will expire.

Get this great course now for 1/2 off!

I'm confident you'll learn something and save money by using the same techniques and process that I do every time I form and pour a concrete slab that I'm offering a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


New Training Course!

How to form and pour a concrete slab like the pro's do

This course is for beginners and experienced concrete professionals.

I break down step by step how to correctly form a concrete slab and then I show you how to place and bull float finish the concrete for the slab.

My name is Mike Day, I own Day's Concrete Floors, Inc. I've owned my concrete business for over 35 years. We specialize in installing concrete floors and slabs.

If it's one thing I've learned over the years, concrete isn't very forgiving. If you make a mistake of try to take shortcuts and it doesn't come out right, you've got a very expensive problem to fix.

My new training course will walk you through each step from laying out the boards to fastening them together to squaring the slab and the best way to set the forms to grade.

Then I'll teach you how to pour the concrete slab just like we do. I'll share with you my years of experience and knowledge pouring concrete so you don't have to worry about forgetting a step or making any mistakes.

I have all he tools you'll need listed out and in downloadable pdf form so you can print it off and save it.

As a BONUS, I have a video showing you how to correctly run a vibrating screed to get a flat concrete slab.

As another BONUS, I have a video showing you how I correctly calculate concrete for my slabs and floors.

For 1 WEEK starting January 18, 2019 if you use the coupon code: CONCRETE you will get a 50% discount off the price of $97.00

If you've ever worked with concrete before, you know one little mistake can cost hundreds of dollars and maybe even thousands to fix.

Your investment in this course will more than make up the low cost with all the information I have for you about my techniques to form the slab and my process for pouring the concrete for the slab.

Click the link below to get it now!

Thank you,


P.S. Remember, the 1/2 off price is only good until midnight Friday.

Course-How to form and pour a concrete slab

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