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Forming, Pouring, and Finishing a concrete patio
July 15, 2019

How To Form, Pour, and Finish

A Concrete Patio Entry Slab

Mike here,

Most the new homes we work on have a concrete entry patio slab of some sort.

This home had a frost wall poured for the entry that was attached to the basement walls.

I had to form on top of the frost wall and pour the patio slab to finish the entryway for this home.

The video will show you how I attach forms to the frost wall and how I poured and finished the concrete for the entry patio.

The patio slab was 10 inches thick (it's what the owner wanted) and we broomed the surface finish with tooled edges and joints.

I also used a couple new tools to help me finish the concrete on this one.

Check out the video to watch how we installed this patio slab.

How to form, pour, and finish a concrete patio to a new home.

My last video was about a special concrete finishing technique we use to slope the concrete in front of a garage door opening.

You can see us in action below.

How to slope a garage door opening on a new concrete floor pour.

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