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This is the best way to fasten wood to concrete in my opinion.
May 31, 2019

How To Fasten Wood Forms

To Concrete!

Hi Everyone!

When I arrive on a new jobsite to install a concrete floor inside a garage, I'm responsible for fastening the forms across the garage door openings and pass door openings.

I've tried just about every way possible to fasten the forms to the concrete.

I've used plain concrete nails, they usually bend or break and just aren't very safe to use.

I've used a Ramset to fasten the forms, this works ok about half the time, the other half, the nail doesn't go in all the way or just doesn't hold the form very tight to the wall. (not to mention it's like shooting a .22 caliber gun into the concrete, not very safe to me at all!)

The method we use now is by far the safest, easiest, and holds the forms more secure to the wall than all the other methods I've tried in the last 39 years.

Check out the video to find out what this method is and let me know if you have one better.



I've started a private facebook group to share more insights and valuable information that I do on an every day basis in my business.

If you'd like to be part of this exclusive group the link is below to join. It'll only be available for a couple weeks and is free to join.

The group will be a way for you to ask me and other concrete'ers questions and share out tips and techniques with each other.

Here's the link to join: Private facebook group Concrete Ninja's

Check out the video below!

The best way to fasten forms to concrete

Last weeks video was about how we repair cracks in concrete floors and slabs.

We use a crack repair product that's very user friendly and I think most anyone could use it to repair their own cracked garage floor.

Did you get a chance to watch us?

If not, here it is again.

How to repair a crack in a concrete floor

If you want to learn how to install your own concrete slab like the one in the video below, I've got a step by step course that will teach you how. My Concrete Slab Course

Pouring a concrete slab foundation for a garage.



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