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My tips on pouring and finishing a concrete patio
June 24, 2019

How To Form, Pour, and Finish

A Concrete Patio and Walkway!

Mike here,

My company was hired to install a concrete patio slab with an attached concrete walkway and a separate entry slab for a new Brewery business in Augusta, Me.

Our scope of the project was to do all the forming, install 2" styrofoam under the slab, install wire mesh and 2 rows of rebar around the edges, then we had to pour and broom finish the concrete.

Some of the forming was with 2x12's and some was with 2x6's.

There was a small ramp from the patio slab to the walkway that we incorporated all into the same pour.

In the video, you'll see how we formed the patio and walkway, how we poured the concrete and how we finished the concrete.

I'm using 2 new tools we recently got, one to mag float the concrete before we broom it and the other to cut in the grooves.

These two tools are saving us a lot of time and labor to do the finishing on this project. If you finish concrete, you'll want to check this out!

Check out the video below to learn all about it!

How to form, pour, and finish a concrete patio and walkway

If you missed last Friday's video, it was about installing a concrete sidewalk and entry slab.

You can check that out with the link below.

How to form, pour, and finish a concrete sidewalk

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If you want to learn how to install your own concrete slab like the one in the video below, I've got a step by step course that will teach you how. My Concrete Slab Course

Pouring a concrete slab foundation for a garage.



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