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How to pour a concrete slab for beginners - Alaskan Slab Pour
May 06, 2019

How To Pour A Concrete Slab

Pouring an Alaskan Slab


My company, Day's Concrete Floors, Inc. pours a lot of concrete slabs each season.

One type of concrete slab we install a lot is an Alaskan Slab.

This type of slab has thickened edges that act like a footing to the edges of the slab foundation.

Most of the time the Alaskan slabs we pour are 6" thick in the middle and 12 to 18 inches thick around the perimeter.

Pouring the concrete in these types of slabs requires the forms to be braced very good as there is a lot of pressure from the concrete pushing out on the forms.

Watch us pour this Alaskan slab for a garage at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

This slab had 2 inches of styrofoam under it and a 15 mil vapor barrier on top of the styrofoam.

We also tied a 2' mat of #4 rebar in it for reinforcement.

Take a look and let me know what you think, have any of you poured slabs like this one?


How to pour an Alaskan concrete slab

Learn How To Stamp Concrete

Watch us install this Ashlar Slate stamped concrete patio below.

How to stamp concrete with a border pattern



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