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How to stamp concrete with a border pattern in 2019
May 03, 2019

How You Can Make $300 Per Hr

I will teach you how I do it!


Have you ever wanted to learn how to stamp concrete?

Can you or have you already done a stamped concrete project?

Stamping concrete is one the the biggest parts of my business.

It's a skill not a lot of people have learned. I see a lot of people try to do it, but they just don't know the techniques required to really do it good.

Knowing how to stamp concrete is a very valuable skill to acquire. Whether you're working for someone or if you're already in business for yourself.

On average, I charge my customers between 15 - 20 dollars per square foot to install most of my stamped concrete jobs.

That price includes:

Forming the project

4" thick concrete @ 4000psi

Reinforcement (either wire mesh or rebar)

Labor to pour the concrete

Labor to stamp the concrete

1 integral color for the concrete

1 colored release agent

Labor to saw expansion joints

Labor & materials to clean and seal the concrete

That price doesn't include the excavation/gravel prep work.

I just specialize in doing the concrete work and leave the ground prep to others. I do work with some excavators I like and trust, so I'm always recommending them on my projects.

In the video link below, I'm showing you how I stamp a concrete patio with a border.

You can make a lot of money doing this kind of work, but you have to learn how to do it right.

How to stamp concrete with a border pattern

If you missed my last video, here it is again.

It's a great video that's showing you how to make some great money doing this one particular type of concrete repair.

If after watching the video, you decide you want to try it, I have an in-depth video tutorial that teaches you all my tips and tricks to do this like I do.

How you can make $300 per hr doing this - like I do



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