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Pouring a new concrete floor inside a frost wall foundation
July 19, 2019

Pouring A New Concrete Floor

Inside A Frost Wall Foundation

Mike here,

Almost all the new homes in Maine have either a 4 foot frost wall or a full foundation (8 foot walls) with a basement.

We get freezing weather in Maine from December to March. The frost goes about four feet deep into the ground.

If the concrete foundation isn't at least that deep into the ground, there's a chance the frost could lift it and crack the concrete walls and the concrete floor.

The new concrete floor we're pouring in the video is inside a four foot frost wall foundation. So no basement in this one.

The frost wall was installed four feet deep into the ground, then back filled on both the inside and outside with just a little bit of foundation showing above grade afterwards.

We're pouring the new concrete floor inside the frost wall, even with the top of the wall.

This makes pouring the concrete floor a little easier than pouring one down inside a basement that's 8 feet deep.

Learn about the methods we use to install this new concrete floor for what will eventually be a new home on a lake in Maine.

Check out the video below!!

New concrete floor poured inside a frost wall

My last video was about forming, pouring, and broom finishing a new concrete patio entry on a new home being built for one of our customers.

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How to form, pour, and finish a concrete patio to a new home.

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