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Pouring a heated concrete floor in a new house
July 05, 2019

Pouring A Concrete Floor

With Radiant Heating Tubing Over Plywood

Mike here,

Heating your concrete floor is easy to do if you install radiant heat tubing in the concrete. (or better yet, hire a heating contractor to do it for you)

In this video I'm pouring a new concrete floor inside a home right over the plywood deck.

All the rooms in the house will have heated floors, the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room.

The heating contractor stapled pex tubing to the plywood, the pex tubing will circulate the hot water from the furnace throughout the home and heat the concrete.

I was hired to install the concrete floor at 1.5 inches thick, make sure it was flat and smooth so eventually some type of flooring could be installed over the concrete.

The concrete is just to collect and hold the heat from the pex tubing.

In Maine, where I live, most of the new homes have this type of "heated" floor installed in them.

Most of the time some other type of flooring like hardwood, tile, click flooring, or carpet is going to be installed over the concrete.

But sometimes the concrete is the finished floor and eventually is stained and polished.

The video will show you how we install this type of concrete floor inside a new home right over the plywood decking.

Check out the video below to learn all about it!

Pouring a radiant heated concrete floor over plywood decking.

My last video was about comparing kick-screeding a concrete floor to vibra-screeding one.

If you're new to concrete flooring or thinking of installing your own concrete floor, this is the video you'll want to watch.

Kick screeding VS Vibra-screeding

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Pouring a concrete slab foundation for a garage.



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