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Only a few hours left to get the stamped concrete course at this price!
November 19, 2019

The Stamped Concrete Training Course

Mike here,

Just a reminder to get THE STAMPED CONCRETE TRAINING COURSE now for only $67.00 before it goes up to $199.00 at 10 AM tomorrow (Wednesday 11/20).

Get it NOW! The price will never be this low again!

The Stamped Concrete Training Course

A lot of you have expressed interest in learning how to stamp concrete.

There's not a lot of local training available for this specialized concrete technique.

But that's all about to change!!

When I learned how to stamp concrete over 30 years ago, I had some hands on experience helping a fellow contractor but most of my learning experience was done by traveling to 2-day seminars and staying overnight in hotels.

There just wasn't any other way to learn about stamping concrete in my area, no one was teaching it.

These 2-day seminars were expensive. Some charged upwards of $900.00 and that didn't even include the hotel or travel.

Did I learn anything from these seminars? Well, Yes I did, but it wasn't the same as real on the job experience. These seminars were in a controlled setting with small sample boards.

When I started doing my own stamping jobs, that's when the real learning experience started.

There's nothing like on the job training, PERIOD!

You get real world experience, have real world issues to deal with and overcome, and best of all you get that real world sense of accomplishment when you're finished and it looks awesome!

Well, I can't "physically" bring you with me on my jobs but I can do the next best thing!

I can teach you how to stamp concrete by bringing you with us through video on my stamping jobs and me narrating, explaining, and teaching you all the steps necessary to successfully stamp concrete.


1. Where to buy your integral concrete color and release powder

2. Where to buy your concrete stamps and touch-up tools.

3. How to add the color to the concrete mix.

4. Three different stamping jobs that teaches you how to:

Form your patio slab

Pour the colored concrete

Stamp the concrete

Saw expansion joints to control random cracks

Wash and clean the concrete before sealing

How to apply your concrete sealer

One of these jobs is a concrete floor stamped with 16" barn boards.

One is a concrete patio slab stamped with Ashlar slate stamps.

And One is a curved concrete walkway/patio stamped with a random stone stamp.

All real world jobs that teach you what and how it's like stamping concrete for REAL.

Also included in the course are Lessons on:

What I recommend for my stamped concrete sealer and where I get it.

How to maintain your stamped concrete.

When to start the finishing process before stamping - edging and mag floating your concrete.

Plus, I'll be continually adding to the course, updating it so you can keep learning and getting better at this craft.

You can also ask questions by commenting on the videos and I'll respond with answers to help you understand anything that will help you move forward.

For the next 2 days starting NOW, the Stamped Concrete Course is available for ONLY $67.00. 

I know, that's not very expensive, but I wanted to offer it to my LOYAL friends on my email list first.

So for the next 48 hours you can get it at this very low price, after that the price is going up. I'm not sure yet how much, but it'll be a lot. 

There so much quality packed information in this course, I'm sure you learn enough to have the confidence to stamp your own project or jobs that I'll give you all your money back if you feel you didn't learn anything. This is a 30 day money back guarantee. 

So really, you have nothing to lose. 

You either learn how to stamp concrete or you get your money back!

Yes, I Want The Stamped Concrete Course

You can watch us in action stamping this beautiful stamped concrete patio with Ashlar Slate stamps.

How to stamp a concrete patio with Ashlar Slate Stamps

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You can take a look below.

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