President of signature homes not using Behr concrete stain

by Tom muth
(Colorado Mountains)

Does not work at all in icey areas,, freeze thaw, breaks this product down, do not use in colder area's of the country..overall not good t. muth

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Never again will I use Behr concrete stain

by KABarnhart

High cost and horrible results flaking off now my sidewalks looks horrible and I am left with trying to figure out how to get this stuff off. And Behr wants us to buy etching to remove more money in there pockets. Would not ever use this product again and would never suggest anyone to use it.

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This is not a true "Dye" and/or "Stain", it will peel up!!!! The question is will it take a day or a month to peel.

by chad
(fort worth, texas)

This is not a true "Dye" and/or "Stain", it will peel up!!!! The question is will it take a day or a month to peel. We didn't do our research, because after reading all the reviews that how the "Dye" eventually peels up, we would of went with an actual "Acid Stain". The product is very misleading, labeling it's self as a "Concrete Dye", and the Behr rep at Home Depot even advised us how it works as a dye penetrating into the pours changing the pigment of the concrete. Well...either he was a liar or doesn't know his product. This is nothing more than a layer of paint, which can very easily be scratched up. We used this product in our living room and dinning room. It was a lot more work getting our concrete ready to be "dyed" than expected. All the videos were of outdoor concrete being dyed, which didn't have paint from the walls, glue from the carpet padding and grout from the tile all hidden under the carpet. The Etcher provided was not enough to conquer all these guys, so we had to spend an entire day scrubbing, using different chemicals, and renting a floor sander to finally remove all these items. The base and accent colors made the concrete look very good. Sealed it up with the Wet Sealer, and thought we had amazing floors for a very cheap price. There's a reason we accomplished this at a cheap is not a "Dye" and will not last. We used it inside, not parking vehicles on it and it's not getting wet from the elements, just normal traffic and moving furniture will eventually remove the paint from the concrete because it is NOT a DYE. If you've made the same mistake as us by buying this product and want to try and protect the painted concrete.....a possible solution is covering it with an Epoxy, which will had another $300. The Wet Sealer doesn't protect the painted concrete, it just makes it look wet and shiny.

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Behr concrete stain peeling

by Lane
(Lago vista, Tx)

We followed all of the directions to the letter. Reviewed the enclosed video numerous time prior to starting the process. Three months down the road it is starting to peel. After reading your article I believe it must be due to MVT. This issue was not mentioned in any of the directions provided by Behr. My question is how do we fix this problem? We used the Bher semi transparent concert stain.

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Do NOT use Behr Concrete Stain on garage floor!!!

by Karen
(Charleston, IL)

Stain is very pretty, but I would NOT recommened using it on your garage floor. Our wet car tires pull up the stain in our garage floor everytime!! We paid professional to stain our garage floor, but were unaware that it comes off with wet car tires. Very disappointed in the product!

A. Good advice, I talk about what moisture does to Behr Concrete Stain on my website.

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Behr Concrete stain nightmare

by "J"
(Houston, Texas)

I use the color sampler from Behr. We selected saltillo whatever number. Stained and the color looks nothing like the sampler.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to correct my tragic mistake :-) as in remove it.

It maybe cheaper just to get regular tile on top.

I'm however, offended by the misleading information provided by Behr. A good company, quality products, there is no need to lie and cost customers thousands of dollars due to false advertising. Truth is that if I had seen the real color of their Saltillo stain, I would probably just had chosen a solid color instead.

Comment: Whenever I do a stained concrete floor I always do color samples on the customer's floor. The color of the stain will look different on every concrete floor because of the mix design (sand, cement, aggregates) in the mix, and how the surface of the concrete was finished (very hard, smooth, dense, or porous). They are all different.

If you haven't already sealed the surface, you can hire an elite crete contractor to apply a micro-topping over your behr stained concrete floor. This will give you a new surface to stain. He can make you some sample boards to get you the color you want.

By Dave in Utah:

I too used the color swatch booklet and loved the semi-transparent colors. Turned out NOT AT ALL like the sampler. I DO understand that different concretes will absorb color differently, but what I ended up with was a solid paint coloring, nothing semi-transparent at all. would have been better off with regular paint for concrete! Behr needs to change the pamphlet and stop misleading. A good acid stain will give the colors/ transparency that I thought I was getting.

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