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How to fix a damp, musty, and mildew smelling basement
March 11, 2019

How to seal and waterproof your basement floors and walls

Hi everyone,

Do you have or know someone who has a damp basement?

If you do, you're going to want to check out this basement floor and wall sealer.

Having a damp, musty and mildew smelling basement can lead to a whole lot of problems if you don't take care what's causing it.

The dampness can soon lead to mold growth which we all know is very bad and very expensive to get rid of.

The musty/mildew smell gets into anything you store in the basement.

You can't leave anything on the floor that could get damaged if it gets wet.

And the foundation walls are always "sweating" which raises the humidity which makes everything feel damp.

Does this sound familiar?

Well you're in luck, I've found a concrete sealer that penetrates deep into the concrete (walls and floor) and blocks moisture from coming through the concrete.

Blocking the moisture will get rid of the dampness, get rid of the musty and mildew smell, and keep mold from growing on everything.

But most importantly, this sealer will keep your basement dry.

Check out my page below to find out what basement floor and wall sealer I use to fix these problems.

Click on the link below to see the page and watch the video.

My recommendation for a moisture blocking basement floor and wall sealer.

Concrete slab course

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