My opinion of the best concrete pump manufacturer

by Chris
(Monaro Canberra, Australia)

Whilst Putzmeister and Schwing are the market leaders, my dealings with Flowcrete were found to be extremely powerful and strong, whilst even better still being a 40m roll and fold from Callaghan concrete pumps which killed every other pump I have operated.

Whilst rated to 150m3 per hour it has completed 115m3 per hour, the only hold back was the need for 3 trucks to constantly fill it and incorrect slumps, whilst I don't believe it can hit 150m3 I'm sure 130+ is achievable.

We have 3 other Callaghan pump trucks ranging from 28M to an identical 40M but all newer, and they are not in the same league. We also run a Putzmeister tower pump which sadly is extremely slow and has to work extremely hard to get flow if any, a real disappointment for those of us who pride there operating skills on good flow.

I believe the Callaghan pumps have a market advantage on price but also understand there technology is a mixture taken from other pumps strong points.

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