The tools I use to do concrete

On this page I've listed the links to the tools I use to do concrete stamping, staining, pouring floors, polishing countertops, sawing concrete and much more.

Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you purchase a tool I recommend. Thank You if you do, It helps pay to keep this site going.

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Mike Day

concrete floor in Brunswick, Me.5000 Sq Ft concrete floor we're installing.

Also, check out what I have in my tool box!

Concrete saws

I don't use the two larger saws, but if you're sawing big floors I do recommend them.

Power trowels

36 inch trowel

46 inch trowel

Vibratory Power screed for floors

I personally have the Multivibe but the Multiquip is excellent also.

Hand screeds for floors

14 foot screed

12 foot screed

10 foot screed

Hand tools for pouring concrete

Demolition tools

Generators for power on the go

Chute extension for extra reach

Don't forget to take a look at the tools I have in my tool box!

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