Basement Floor

How to use the concrete floor as the finished flooring!

A concrete basement floor offers you many choices if you decide to transform your basement into living space. It used to be the "norm" to cover up that ugly gray cement flooring and lay some carpet or tile over it. Not any more!

With the new concrete overlays, concrete stains and polished concrete techniques, the concrete floor in your basement is a great material to use as the finished flooring.

stained basement floor

This is a basement concrete floor colored with concrete stain

If you add some saw cuts in the shape of tiles or diamonds, then stain the concrete using two different colors, your concrete flooring can be unique to you and make your neighbors wish they had the same look.


* Concrete stain on your floor

* Concrete floor coating

* painting a basement concrete floor

* Polished concrete flooring

* Stamped concrete overlays

* Sprayed on tinted sealer


Polished concrete flooring is great for a basement surface

Finishing off your basement will add to your home's value and in most cases is much more economical than adding another room to an existing home.

Enhancing your plain gray basement concrete floor with a decorative concrete option could be one of the easiest choices you have to make when considering flooring for your basement.

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