Using these tips for choosing and placing concrete garden statues should help make planning, building, and landscaping your garden much easier.

concrete garden statues

Because concrete statuary is more durable and less expensive than brass, bronze, and stone statues, it has become very popular.

There are so many different concrete statues to choose from it can become intimidating and confusing which statue to pick.

Tip # 1 The first step is to decide on a theme for your garden. Is it Asian, Irish, Wildlife, Religious, or Fantasy? There are many cement garden statues for a specific theme. Once you decide on a theme you can narrow down the kinds of concrete statues to look at.

Tip # 2 Decide what role the concrete statues will play. Will you have a large centerpiece with some smaller complimentary statues. Or maybe just some smaller complimentary garden statues to accent an already beautiful garden.

Tip # 3 Don't overpopulate the garden with concrete statues. A few well placed statues will be more pleasing to the eye than overcrowding the garden with too many statues.

Tip # 4 Wide open spaces can handle larger concrete garden statues like large sculptural pieces, a big animal, or a reptile. If you have a pond these large wildlife statues look great.

Tip # 5 Smaller tree filled areas should use a three dimensional approach and hang things from trees or place cement statues around the bases. Utilizing wind chimes with hobbits would be an terrific idea.

Tip # 6 Placing the garden statues where they will compliment the rest of your landscape is the key to a great looking garden. A large concrete statue in the center of a round garden would look great or smaller concrete statues placed along a walking path would also look good.

concrete garden statue

Tip # 7 Have fun. Take your time and enjoy choosing the cement garden statues that suit your personality. Remember, you'll be looking at them a lot throughout the year.

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