Concrete benches are made in many different styles, shapes, and colors. The days of the plain gray concrete garden bench is long gone thanks to the advancements in concrete technology used to make outdoor benches.

When you're looking for quality outdoor seating or patio garden seating, you want a concrete outdoor bench seat that's durable, low maintenance, decorative, weather resistant, and maybe even personalized. Concrete park benches can offer you all these great qualities and more.


Concrete garden park benches have several advantages over wood benches or plastic bench seating. A concrete park bench seat doesn't splinter, rot, fade, or blow over when its windy. Garden seating made from concrete will blend in with the landscaping without looking fake and last a lifetime with minimal care.

concrete benches


Creating a custom park bench will add meaning and personality to your garden or landscape. Adding your name, a message to someone special, a special date, or a memorial to a loved one is possible and very popular. Giving someone a customized garden park bench as a gift with their name or a personal note engraved into it makes the gift much more special.

concrete benches


Commercial concrete park benches can make great outdoor bench seating for restaurants, hotels, state parks and theme parks. Commercial outdoor benches like sport benches could have a custom logo of your favorite team or player engraved on it. The name of your place of business with a catchy slogan make great, permanent, advertising that will last for years.

concrete benches

Concrete Outdoor Benches

Garden bench Decorative bench Precast bench Concrete bench
Garden bench Decorative bench Outside bench Precast bench
Garden bench Decorative bench Precast bench Concrete bench
Outdoor bench Park bench Precast bench Cement bench
Garden bench Decorative bench Curved bench Concrete bench
Garden bench Decorative bench Curved bench Concrete bench
Garden bench Sphere bench Park bench Planter bench
Garden bench Sphere bench Park bench Planter bench

As you can see, there are many kinds of concrete patio benches to choose from. Picking out your favorite will be fun.

Here's a great site to purchase concrete and stone benches.

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