Concrete products can help make your life easier when working with concrete. On this page I'll introduce you to some tools and products, new and old, that will assist you in all types of concrete applications.

I'll have links to some of the newer products and concrete tools out on the market. I'll also have links to some of my favorite products that I use on a regular basis.

If you want to know what the Top Ten concrete products were at the World Of Concrete, I'll have them listed here with links to each one.

At the bottom of this page there will be a submission form for you, if you want to tell everyone about a favorite product or concrete tool that you use a lot.

Let everyone know, share your experiences and wisdom so we can all benefit from it!


Acid Stain Color Chart for Coloring Concrete and Overlays

Concrete Anchor Bolts

Concrete Wedge Anchors

Concrete Fasteners

Concrete Buggy

Concrete Floor Grinder

Behr Concrete Stain

240 Volt Electric Heater I use on my jobs.

14 Gallon Bosch Dust Extractor with Automatic Filter Clean and Hepa Filter

Dust collection for your handheld concrete grinder

The dust deputy works great for keeping most of the concrete dust out of your vacuum and clogging the filter.

I highly recommend it, especially if you're using a shop-vac for those small grinding jobs.

It will come delivered to  your door and only take a few minutes to put it together.

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