There are many polished concrete design options to choose from when you are deciding how to customize the look of your concrete floor.

polished concrete with stain

Concrete stains and concrete dyes are two of the most popular applications for enhancing the look of a polished concrete floor.

polished concrete in garage

Some other options include sawing a grid pattern into the floor that looks like tiles or are diamond shaped. A border or the shape of an object could also be scored into the floor with a saw.

Add some color to these sawed designs and you've created a beautiful floor that may just be one of a kind.

There are some things you can add to the concrete mix when pouring the slab to create some special effects if you know in advance you're going to polish the floor.

polished concrete
  1. Glass can be floated into the surface of the concrete mix and will be revealed when polishing the floor.
  2. Colored aggregate can be added to the concrete mix or floated into the surface, these will be exposed when the polishing is done.
  3. Integral color can be added directly to the concrete mix for a nice shiny colored floor.
  4. All kinds of metal objects can be embedded into the surface like nails, wrenches, bolts, let you imagination run wild and be creative.
  5. Sea shells added to the surface then polished make a great design choice.
  6. Combining some or all of these can also look great.

If you want the fully polished concrete floor look then polishing up to a 3500 grit diamond is usually the way to go. This will give you a great reflective shine and be very low maintenance.

polished concrete

It is possible to stop the polishing process before this at lower grit diamonds and still have a terrific looking floor.

Choosing to have your concrete floor polished is a good decision if you want a decorative design that's very easy to clean.

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