Bathroom Concrete Floor Drain

by Brooke

Q. Hi! I am renovating a building ( or considering it) to open a bakery. As part of the local Sanitation Code, I am required to install a floor drain the the bathroom. I am not sure how to do this with an existing slab. I have called three local contractors, all of which want to charge $350 for an estimate unless I sign a contract prior to their visit. Ugh! I would like to know before I get too much into this renovation, if I should scrap my plan. Any and all help will be greatly appreciate! Thanks in advance for your time.

A. You will have to saw a trench in the concrete about 12" wide by the depth of the concrete to install your plumbing for the concrete floor drain in the bathroom. The length of the trench will depend on where the floor drain can tie into an existing drain. We do this all the time.

A concrete sawing contractor can saw and remove the concrete. The plumber will dig out the dirt and install the plumbing. Either the concrete sawing contractor or a concrete flooring contractor can fill in the trench with new concrete and finish it smooth like the existing slab.

You shouldn't have to pay anyone to give you an estimate.

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