Can you install radiant heating to an existing concrete floor?

Q: My husband and I are looking to refinish a room in our modified split level. This room has a side door and is very cold. Right now there is carpeting and we were thinking of tiling. When I pulled back some carpet it appears there is a concrete floor. It's black and hard and when you knock on it, it seems to be stone.

Can you install radiant heating to an existing concrete floor without totally redoing the concrete job? Would you just recommend tiling if we are going to have to rip it up anyway?

A: The simple answer to your question is YES. You can install an electric heating mat right to the existing concrete floor and tile right over it. Giving you a heated tile floor.

The radiant heating mats come in many different sizes, can be cut to fit different shaped rooms, and spliced together if needed.

The heated mats are mortared right to the concrete and the tile set over them in the mortar. Once the mortar is set, you now have a heated floor with a thermostat to control the temperature.

You can purchase the heating mats from The picture below will bring you to that site for more information.

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