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Here's a good cement calculator to help you figure the amount of cement or concrete you need to do your project.  Most people call concrete "cement" when in fact cement is just one ingredient along with sand, aggregate and water that is used to make concrete. 

If you're mixing the concrete by hand and you need to calculate the amount of Pre-Mixed concrete bags needed to do your project, this calculator will also figure the amount of bags you need.

When ordering concrete from a redi-mix supplier, the concrete comes in cubic yards.  If you tell the Dispatcher your dimensions and thickness, he can figure the concrete for you as well.

It's important to accurately calculate the amount of cement, "oops", concrete for a project because it's very expensive to buy from a redi-mix company.  You don't want way too much, just a little extra, and you don't want to run short of what you need.

There is a formula to figure the amount of concrete for a slab, floor or patio.  The formula is in feet and is L x W x H (/27). This formula will give you the estimated cubic yardage needed to do your project.

For example if you have a concrete slab 24' L x 24' W x 6" thick, the formula would read like this; 24 x 24 = 576 x .5 = 288 divided by 27 = 10.67 cubic yards.  (make sure you change the inches thick to feet, 6 inches thick = .5 feet)

It's always a good idea to check your figures once in a while using a pencil and paper, typing in a wrong number on the calculator could to over or under estimating the amount of concrete you need.

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