Choosing a concrete sealer for use in Africa

Q. Hi! I live in Africa and am planning to build a house there. My wife and I are currently back in the states and are hoping to ship a few things over, which are difficult to find there. One of these thing is a concrete sealer for the floor (of the entire house, except maybe the bathroom) and for our kitchen counters in the house we plan to build. We've read your various pages regarding concrete contertops and concrete sealers and were wondering if you could help us with a question. We're thinking of going with an acrylic sealer because we don't want to ship over a lot of equipment and we want something that's simpler to use.

We plan to build a ranch style house without a basement. But, where we plan to build the climate is very humid and the water table is fairly high, so we're wondering if moisture will be a problem. The soil is also very sandy, but I'm not sure if that is a factor.

We've been looking at this website ( were thinking of possibly going with one of these products:

~ Krystal Kote High Gloss Water Based
~ DCI Penetrating Lithium-based Sealer/Hardener

What do you think? Is there a different brand or type of sealer you would recommend for what we are planning to do?

Thanks so much for all your help!

A. I have never used directcolors sealers. I use Elite Crete's products here in the states. They have excellent sealers for floors and concrete countertops.

They have a distributor in Africa, Elite Crete Africa.

You can also check out their site here in the states, Elite Crete Systems.

I would use their CSS Emulsion on the floors, they make a water based and a solvent based version of this.

I would use their PT1 epoxy and their AUS-V Urethane sealers for the countertops.

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