cleaning the color off stamped concrete

Q. I just got stamped concrete on my driveway. I picked a brown color and another lighter colored powder was added to release the stamps. I was assured that color would be removed as soon as it was pressure washed. Its been three days since it was laid and the color of the release powder did not come off. What do I do?

A. Some of the release color is supposed to stay on the surface of the concrete to give it an antiquing look. If you didn't want any release color then a clear liquid release should have been used.

Pressure washing and scrubbing will remove most (80%) of the release but not all. This should have been made clear to you before using a powdered release.

If the concrete has already been sealed there is not much you can do now. If it hasn't been sealed, try pressure washing it again and scrub it with stiff bristled brushes, this will remove most of it.

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