Clear Matte Concrete Sealer Recommendation

by Amy
(Lancaster, PA)

Q. What product/brand would you recommend for a clear matte finish to a stamped concrete patio with moderate traffic 6 months of the year? We did not install the patio to our home, so I don't know much about it except that it hasn't been sealed in a really long time.

A. Cementone from L.M. Scofield is a clear, matte finish, concrete sealer.

Cementone Clear Concrete Sealer is formulated for sealing and protecting new or old, interior or exterior concrete hardscapes or floors. Where a low-gloss finish is desired, it is compatible for use on multicolored, antiqued, imprinted, textured, stamped, acid-stained or exposed-aggregate horizontal surfaces to enhance the appearance.

It is effective for exterior use in areas not subjected to vehicular traffic, and the sealer is also effective on interior floor surfaces where a commercial floor finish will be used and regularly maintained.

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