Concrete countertop material alternatives? (cannot find materials in Hong Kong)

by Yuen Kei WONG
(Hong Kong, China)

My questions are based on this article

Simple Concrete Countertop Mix

I do not live in America or Canada, instead I live in hong kong.
So I cannot get access to the concrete countertop supply which is provided in the website.

I am looking for material that I can find in China:

1. In the article, it does not talk about what size/length of the ar glass fiber, which length that I should use?(i.e 1mm?2mm?5mm?1cm?)

Answer: The size fibers should be between 13mm and 19mm.

2. What product can I use to replace Optimum 380 Superplasticizer/Water Reducer? Do I just use other brand of superplasticizer/water reducer?

Answer: Yes, you can use another brand superplasticizer.

What chemical component(s) that I have to look for in the water reducer?

Answer: Look for a liquid polycarboxylate based superplasticizer.

Here's a company in Hong Kong you can contact and possibly purchase both the superplasticizer and fibers from: East Excellence Material (Asia) Co., Ltd

If they don't have the glass fibers you can use polypropylene fibers instead.

You can find them here in the United States. Concrete Countertop Supply

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