Concrete Footing for Deck - Multiple pours

by James
(TAS, Australia)

Q. We are currently building a deck, it's over 2m from the ground so our footings were quite deep 450x450x650+ in most cases.

With the design of the deck we had to pour 3 holes first, and then another 3 at a later date.

The first order of concrete had slightly more than anticipated so some concrete was poured into the bottom 150mm of the last 3 holes.

A week or so later the last 3 holes were then topped up with their order of concrete.

My question is will there be any structural integrity issues with having poured the concrete in multiple pours for the last 3 holes?

A. If you stuck rebar into the first pour and left a couple feet sticking out to pour the 2nd placement around, locking the two together, you should be O.K. If you didn't tie the two pours together with multiple pieces of rebar, then yes, you could have structural issues.

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