Concrete numbering system

by Michael
(Wainwright, Alberta)

Q. Whats the difference between M40 - M60 grade concrete?

A. M-40 grade concrete:
Requirement of materials per cubic meter
Cement = 400 kg
Water = 160 kg
Fine aggregate = 660 kg
Coarse aggregate 20 mm = 701 kg
Coarse aggregate 10 mm = 467 kg
Admixture = 0.6 % by weight of cement = 2.4 kg.
Recron 3S = 900 gm

M-60 grade concrete:
Requirement of materials per Cubic meter
Cement = 504.21 Kg/m3
Fine Aggregate = 683.24 Kg/m3
Coarse Aggregate = 1108.13 Kg/m3
Water = 141.61 Kg/ m3
Super plasticizers = 4.6681 / m3

These mix designs are for reference purposes only.

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