Concrete Pressure Vessel

by Duncan Meyers
(Gresham, OR, USA)

I have an unusual project that I have been building for a couple weeks now. I'm building a steam pressure vessel for creating and storing 20 psi of latent steam inside.

I'm using an internal reinforced metal frame inside 4" concrete walls, with rounded interior edges and corners.

Was curious if anyone has any designed specs for concrete pressure vessels?

My research shows that the technology was used in the 1930's, but unfortunately there is no hard data for design, other than Do Not Exceed 60 PSI!! But the trail dies with the advent of WWII and I have found brief references related to concrete nuclear reactor housing...

I haven't poured the concrete yet, but am TIG welding the last of the cross sections together. I have posted my design pictures, if anyone is interested.


Duncan Meyers

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