Concrete Rating - xyz? Lbs per square inch

by Frederick
(Tikrit, Iraq)

Q. Our company was recently deployed to Iraq where an existing building was modified to host a fixed base Instrument Flight Trainer (IFT). I'll just call it a 'simulator' or 'sim'.
The OEM of the sim stated to us that the facility concrete was not 'rated' for the Dynamic Seat (aka Motion system, Seat Shaker).
The cockpit seat is attached to a very capable Electric Motor/Actuator that can drive the seat from runway rumble-tire blowout-to severe turbulence. The seat actuator is mounted to the floor via four holes drilled into the concrete. The holes are then filled with receiver hardware and bolted to the floor.
According to the sim specs, the floor has to withstand a pressure of 3K Lbs per square inch.
We are now being questioned as to why the Dynamic Seat is not 'ready' for training. Our answer is: We were told to not ready the seat.
My question is: How do I obtain the 'capability' of the concrete floor of the facility? Are there tests that I can do (I am the Project Engineer but not an ME or Concrete doubt, you can tell that) to guarantee that this seat isn't going to come unglued?
Really need an answer on this folks!

A. Core drilling the concrete and sending it to a lab for a compression test would be the best way to test for psi. A concrete testing company or a University that teaches concrete testing should be able to do this in 1 day.

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