My Favorite Concrete Saws

There's a lot of different types of concrete saws out there. The two saws I use the most are early entry concrete saws and demo saws.

Owning a concrete floor business means I have to saw a lot of contraction joints in my floors. These joints give the concrete a place to crack when the concrete shrinks during curing.

I also do a lot of concrete repair which means I need a saw that will cut deep enough into the concrete so I can remove the bad concrete and properly repair it.

So, what are the best concrete saws for doing demo and cutting contraction joints?

Keep reading below and I'll give you my recommendation based on my experience.

Early entry concrete saws for cutting green concrete

The concrete saw I use the most is this Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 saw with a 6 inch saw blade.

I use this saw to cut contraction joints in my floors as soon as I'm done power troweling them.

Early entry concrete sawMy favorite concrete saw

Some of the things I like most about this saw are:

  • Can saw contraction joints same day as pouring the concrete
  • lightweight - one person can pick it up
  • Saws fast
  • Very low noise
  • Produces very little dust
  • Gas powered

UPDATE: The Husqvarna saw is no longer available on Amazon, but one just as good from Tomahawk is on Amazon. Click the link below to see it.

You can purchase this concrete saw on Amazon. I use this saw every day. It's a very reliable saw.  I highly recommend it.

This is the 6" diamond blade I use for this saw.

My 2nd favorite saw for cutting green concrete

Electric Husqvarna Soft Cut Saw

This is the first concrete saw I bought for cutting expansion/contraction joints in my concrete floors. 

It's the Husqvarna Soff-Cut X-390. I've literally sawed thousands of lineal feet of contraction joints with this saw.

It works great for residential and light commercial jobs. It's lightweight, cuts fast and can cut joints in tight areas like between pipes or small openings.

I have 2 of these X-390 saws and 1 of the 150 saws (above).

If you're interested in purchasing an X-390, the best way to find a local dealer is to go to Husqvarna's Where To Buy page and find a dealer near you.

This is what I use for a Demo Saw

I use the Dewalt 60V Max Cordless demo saw for when I have to make deep cuts (about 6" deep) and for doing concrete repairs. 

This saw takes a 9" blade. We use it mostly for sawing out spalled & damaged concrete areas before we repair them. 

We also use it for cutting rebar when we tie a mat of rebar in a concrete slab.

It's an excellent saw in my opinion. It's very durable, lightweight, and battery operated.

You can get one on Amazon for around $825.00.

Don't forget to purchase a Diamond blade for it. This is the one we use for sawing concrete.

This is the blade we use for sawing rebar.

Check out the two floor saws in action!

Update: We've switched demo saws to the Dewalt 60V Max Cut-Off Saw

The Tomahawk saw works just like the one in the video!!

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