Concrete sealer dryed foggy

Q. Can I paint over sealer?

A. If your concrete sealer dried foggy, its usually because there was moisture present on the concrete, in the concrete, or in the air (high humidity).

You can try spraying Xylene over the sealer and back rolling it with a paint roller. Sometimes this will let the moisture escape and it will dry clear.

You can't paint over the concrete sealer, but you could spray a tinted or colored concrete sealer over the sealer you currently have on your concrete.

Check with your contractor who applied the sealer to find out if it was water based or solvent based. Once you find out that information, contact the manufacturer and ask them if they sell a tint for their sealers. It's best if you use the same brand sealer over your existing sealer.

If you use a different brand sealer just try it on a small area first, let it dry over night to make sure it bonds and looks good.

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