Concrete sealers for pool decks

by John
(London Ontario)

Q. What type of sealer is best for stamped colored concrete around a swimming pool?

A. We use L.M. Scofield's decorative concrete sealer. It is called Scofield Cureseal-S. We've had good luck with this sealer. A lot of decorative sealers are really sensitive to moisture and hot temperatures. This one doesn't seem so sensitive, especially to hot temps.

Make sure the concrete is clean and has been dry for 24 hours. Apply the sealer early evening before the sun goes down for best results. Apply a 2nd coat 24 hours after the first coat.

You can spray it on with a pump up sprayer. Two light coats are better than one thick coat of sealer.

You can use an additive called shark grip in the sealer so it won't be so slippery when it gets wet. It mixes right into the bucket of sealer, you won't be able to see it after it is applied to the concrete.

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