Covering Stamped Concrete

Q. We are looking to expand our existing patio area which is stamped concrete. We do not like the current stamped design on the patio. We were thinking of just covering it with a normal concrete (unstamped/no design) and having the new expanded area to be the same. I am researching and all I can find is overlaying with stamped concrete. Is it possible to do the opposite and overlay the stamped concrete with a basic concrete surface?

A. Yes, you can pour 3/8 pea stone concrete mix as thin as 1.5 inches over the stamped concrete patio. This concrete mix is available from your local Ready-Mix concrete supplier.

You would have to strip off any concrete sealers that were applied in the past, then use a product called Weld Crete to bond the new concrete to the old stamped concrete.

If you can't raise the patio that much, Mapai makes a product called Concrete Renew that can be applied as thin as 1/8 of an inch, then you can give it a broom finish to match the new patio.

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