How to make a concrete countertop
quick & easy step by step instructions
for all applications


The diy guides for concrete countertops below will show you how to make concrete countertops poured in place, poured over laminate, and pre-cast in forms then set in place over your cabinets.

Each countertop video teaches you all the steps, from start to finish, that you need to know to completely do this on your own. (maybe with a little help)

The tools, materials, and equipment needed vary a little with each type of countertop, but here are the basic ones you'll need.

Time required: 2 - 4 days      Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced


Battery drill

Tape measure & Pencil

Utility knife

Table saw or Skil Saw

Builders square

Saw horses

Bolt cutters

Concrete mixer or Wheelbarrow & hoe


Wet polisher or Sander


Hot glue gun or Fast set glue (for your template)

1/4" plywood (for your template)

3/4" Melamine plywood (for the form/mold)

1 5/8" drywall screws

Black silicone caulking

Wire mesh (for reinforcement)

Concrete mix

Rubber gloves

Most the tools and materials you can get from Amazon. These are affiliate links also.

Each video may have slightly different tools and/or materials being used. Just keep track of what each one is doing in the specific video that relates closely to your concrete countertop.


  1. Build the forms - either on top of your cabinets or out of melamine sheets for pre-casting. You'll see how in the videos below.
  2. Add the reinforcement - wire mesh, rebar, plastic mesh, all are good, you'll see when to use each one of them.
  3. Mix & Pour the concrete - You'll learn how to use a dry mix and a loose mix. How to level the concrete, and how to minimize any air pockets. 
  4. Finish the concrete - How to trowel it smooth for poured in place and how to sand/polish it for pre-cast counters.
  5. Apply a sealer - roll on a concrete sealer to protect the concrete
  6. Set in place - For pre-cast concrete countertops

diy concrete countertops poured in place

The diy video below by Bourbon Moth Woodworking will show you how to do poured in place concrete countertops. 

The video shows you how to install all your forms & framing after removing your existing countertop.

Then it explains the concrete mix and pouring methods as well as how to finish the concrete.

diy concrete counters done precast and set in place

Diy Pete does an excellent job showing you how to do a precast concrete counter and then install it on top of your cabinets afterwards.

Pete shows you how to make a template or your existing kitchen cabinets so your new concrete countertop will fit perfect. 

Next he shows you in detail how to correctly build the mold and make knockouts for things like your sink.

Pete explains what to use for reinforcement and how to place it in the mold when pouring the concrete.

He tells you what kind of concrete mix to use and how to mix it and pour it in the molds.

Then he shows you how to finish the concrete & polish it.

You'll also see how he installs the concrete counters and install an undermount sink.

Another diy concrete counter for an outdoor kitchen area

Another great diy video from diy Pete that shows you how to make an outdoor concrete countertop for a kitchen area in your backyard.

simple rectangle concrete countertop can be used as a table or kitchen counter

Robin Lewis Makes this simple diy concrete counter that's about 6 feet long. He's using it as a seating area for people to gather and have coffee or just socialize.

The video explains all the details of forming, concrete mix, pouring the concrete, finishing the concrete , and sealing the counter.

how to make your wood countertops look like concrete

Legarri Products has a really easy diy resurfacing kit for making wood (or laminate) counters look like concrete.

The video shows you how to patch & repair the existing wood if you need to. Then it shows you how to do the primer coat, texture coat, and scratch coat that mimics the look of real concrete.

Sealing and coloring the concrete is also included.

diy concrete counters over laminate

This video shows you how to make your existing laminate countertops look like concrete.

Legarri Products has a diy countertop kit for resurfacing laminate counters and makes them look just like real concrete countertops.

The resurfacing kit is a very thin coating of specially designed concrete that covers the laminate and mimics the look of concrete.

This video goes over the basic steps, if you purchase their kit they have an in depth tutorial that explains all the steps in more detail.

how to make a concrete countertop in 1 hour

Michael Builds shows you how to make a very fast concrete countertop. He's using a special fast setting concrete mix that hardens in less than 1 hour.

If you're in a time crunch and need to get your countertop poured and finished very quickly, this may be the method for you!

How to install the z counterforms when forming your counters: step by step tutorial

This great tutorial is from Z Counterforms themselves. The video really shows you how easy it is to use their forms. 

It also shows you from start to finish how to install a concrete countertop right on your existing kitchen cabinets. The forming system makes the prep work go much faster and gives you a really nice looking edge that overhangs the counters.


No matter what your application is, these diy concrete tutorial videos should give you a very good idea how to make your own countertops.

Having a plan, the right information, a step by step process along with the right tools and materials will get you started in the right direction.

For more information on diy concrete counters you can take a look at these pages:

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Simple concrete countertop mix

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