Dyed Concrete Basement Floor and Bird Poop

by Eli
(NS, Canada)

Q. We just had a dyed concrete floor poured into our new basement. Before the house was set back down (from being jacked up while the walls were being put up), barn swallows made a nest on the wires and layed 4 eggs. Now, we have 3 baby birds and lots of bird poop on our new floor. We have not sealed it yet b/c we were told to wait 2-3 weeks after the floor was poured to do so. The Bird Poop has left a rather dark stain. Online I read suggestions such as pressure washing, soap, vinegar, ammonia, or peroxide, but none of these suggestions have been specifically for indoor and/or dyed concrete. How can I safely clean this before using sealant w/o messing up the dyed concrete on an indoor floor?

A. Try some Simple Green, lightly scrub the areas and lightly pressure wash the areas. The bird poop is an organic material and will break down in time. It will not be permanent, but you do want to remove it before you seal the floor.

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