Eucopoxy Tufcoat

Q. Eucopoxy Tufcoat was used to seal my slab due to a severe moisture problem 15 years ago. How long can I expect the product to work before I need to reseal the slab?

A. Eucopoxy Tufcoat is a two part epoxy floor coating. This floor coating will last a very long time depending on the type of foot traffic it gets. If you start to see visible wear, areas where the concrete slab is exposed again, then it's time to re-coat.

You can check areas for wear by spraying a little water in the concrete slab, if the water beads up and rests on top the coating is still there, if the water soaks into the concrete in 30 seconds or less the coating has worn off.

With the proper surface preparation you can re-coat the floor to make it look like new again.

This product is made by The Euclid Chemical Company. You can contact them for any technical questions. 216 531-9222

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