fixing an unlevel concrete pool deck

by lesa
(lancaster, sc)

Q. last year we installed an inground pool ourselves, and did our own concrete, we had it brought in and only had one hour to smooth it out, needless to say we made a mess, it is unlevel and we didn't get under all the coping of pool, also it hurts to walk on it, can we go over it with some kind of overlay?

A. Yes, you can go over the unlevel, rough concrete with a concrete overlay. We use Elitecrete products when we overlay concrete. I would suggest hiring a qualified elitecrete installer to fix your pool deck.

It's very important to prep the concrete for the overlay, then following the proper procedures for installing the overlay materials so they will last for many years. This takes experience. It will be well worth the money you have to pay to get this fixed so you can enjoy your pool area.

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