Glossy concrete sealer over penetrating concrete sealer

by Travis Motter

Q. I put a penetrating sealer down and now want to darken the concrete, can I put something down that will make the concrete look like it does when it was wet, before I put the sealer on? On top of the sealer?

A. The first thing I would recommend you do is contact the manufacturer of the penetrating sealer you used and ask them if they have a topical, film forming sealer that you can apply over the penetrating sealer. The topical sealer will darken the concrete and give it a wet look (ask for the glossy sealer).

If they say no, go to the concrete supply store where you bought the penetrating sealer and ask for a sample of their glossy topical concrete sealer. Apply some in a small area and leave it for a month. The concrete may still be porous enough to accept the topical sealer. If the sealer doesn't peel, flake or wear off in a month's time you should be OK.

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