Hot to touch stamped concrete pool deck

by Sue

Q. We have stamped concrete for our pool deck. Unfortunately, it gets scorching hot! We live in CT where it does not get that hot, even on a 75 degree day you can barely walk on it without shoes. I am in search of a way to treat this so it does not get so hot. Please help if you know of a way. Thanks!

A. If your stamped concrete has a color any shade other than white (regular concrete color) it will absorb the heat from the sun. This is a problem many people do not think about when considering colored and stamped concrete for a pool deck.

Keeping some of the areas shaded with umbrellas or a canopy is your best option. You can also use lawn sprinklers to wet the concrete and cool it down.

There is no simple solution that will keep the concrete cool if it is in the direct sun.

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