Hot Tub on concrete slab

by Kathy
(Kelseyville, Calif.)

Q. Is 10 days long enough for a 4" X 7' X 8' concrete slab to cure before I put a hot Tub on it ?

A. If the concrete was 3000 psi concrete, came from a redi-mix concrete company, wasn't poured too wet (soupy), and you had a good compacted gravel sub-base, then yes. If you mixed the concrete from bags (quikrete), then maybe, we don't use bag mixes for things like hot tub pads so I can't be sure.

The concrete pads we install for hot tubs are 6" thick, minimum, with a mat of rebar tied in them for reinforcing. The redi-mix concrete from a concrete company is strong enough to support a filled hot tub in a week's time if all things are done correctly.

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