how much it cost to pour concrete
for a 50' x 34' basement floor

The general cost to pour a concrete floor in a basement is $5.00 per square foot or $400 dollars per cubic yard. These costs are taking into consideration you're pouring a 4 inch thick concrete floor.

A 50' x 34' basement floor is 1700 square feet, multiply that by $5.00 per Sq. Ft. and you get $8500.00 dollars to pour this basement floor.

A 1700 square foot basement floor that's 4 inches thick will take 21 cubic yards of concrete. 21 x 400 equals $8400.00 dollars.

What's included in that cost is Labor to place and finish the concrete and the 21 yards of concrete with fibermesh for reinforcement.

cost for a 50x34 basement floorWe're pouring a 50' x 34' basement concrete floor

Breaking down the cost to pour a concrete floor

The costs above are based on the concrete being four inches thick. That thickness is pretty standard for pouring a residential house or garage concrete floor.

The cost of concrete is a ready mix concrete delivered to your house lot. Typically the cost for a 3000 psi. mix design that includes fibermesh, taxes, and any surcharges for fuel is about $2.25 per square foot.

If you're wondering, that comes out to about $180 per cubic yard of concrete.

For labor to place, power trowel finish, and saw contraction joints, the cost is about $3.00 per square foot. (Remember, these prices are a general cost and could be much higher or lower depending on your geographical location and labor costs in your area)

Labor costs per yard of concrete is around $220 per cubic yard. 

These prices per Sq. Ft. and per yard are what I charge my customers here in Maine.

is excavation and gravel included in the cost

No, not in the costs I listed above. The cost to backfill, grade the gravel, and compaction is separate on all the jobs we do.

If you have hired one person to to both, excavation and concrete, I would expect the cost to be close to double the above costs. But, make sure you check and get the breakdown between the two. 

The costs of doing gravel work and pouring concrete floors are two very different skills and very different materials.

If you want the best of both worlds, expect to pay good money and most likely two different contractors will be involved.

What other costs could be associated with pouring a basement floor

Some of the things I run into that can add to the costs or pouring a concrete floor are:

1. Using wire mesh or rebar for reinforcement - costs between .50 - $1.00 per Sq. Ft.

2. Poly vapor barrier, 6 mil to 15 mil, under the floor - costs between .25 - $1.00 per Sq. Ft. 

3. Adding radiant heating in the floor will increase the cost quite a bit, 2" styrofoam, pex tubing, and labor could be another $5.00 - $8.00 per Sq. Ft. (Contact a heating contractor for more qualified pricing)

4. Any underground plumbing for bathrooms or kitchens

5. If a concrete pump truck is needed to pour the floor - $500.00 to $1500.00 extra

cost for a basement floorThis basement concrete floor is 4" thick

is the cost to pour most concrete floors in a basement the same as above?

Generally, for most all of the residential basement concrete floors we pour and finish, the cost is the same unless they're under 400 square feet.

For smaller basement floors, I have a minimum labor charge of $1500 dollars then I add the material costs to that.

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