How thick to pour a concrete driveway

by P K
(Reno NV)

Q. Hello, I am considering a concrete driveway addition 102 ft long by 15 ft wide. It will also park a 26,000 lb motorhome on it. What thickness should I go with, PSI of the concrete and what # rebar for reinforcement? I live in the Reno NV area and need this advice. Thanks for any assistance.

A. First, the sub-base is very important. A gravel base, compacted in lifts will provide a good base for the concrete driveway. I would make the concrete six inches thick and use 4000 psi concrete with entrained air. We use #4 rebar, tied 18 inches on center for reinforcement and also add fibermesh to the concrete. The water/cement ratio of the concrete should be kept low (a 4 or 5 slump) for good strength and workability. Using plasticizers would also help keep the water ratio low and increase the workability of the concrete.

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