How to fix a low spot in my Spancrete garage concrete floor

by Rockstar
(Big Lake MN)

Q. I have a Spancrete garage with a workshop underneath. There is a low spot near the floor drain where lots of water will puddle. Is there a product I can use to level that area to get the water to go toward the drain? The floor has a coat of the cheap "big box store" epoxy coating on it now. The plan is in the next 2-3 years, add on to the front of the garage and have the entire garage floor professionally epoxy sealed. Thank you for your time!

A. There's a couple products you can use to fix this low spot in your concrete floor. But first, you'll have to remove the paint on the floor in the area to be leveled.

I would use a Dewalt 4" hand held grinder with a 4 or 4 1/2" diamond grinding disc to remove the paint. This would also slightly profile the concrete to help create a better bond for the repair material. Remember to wear safety glasses and a mask when using the grinder.

Both the repair products are from CTS Cement. The first one is LevelFlor. This is a self-leveling product that you mix with water, pour it in the low spot and it self levels itself. After it hardens you may need to feather the edges down with the 4" grinder to meet the existing floor.

The second product you could use is called CR Concrete Resurfacer. Again you would have to remove the paint before applying this repair material. This product is mixed with water to a pancake batter consistency then applied with a hand trowel. You would use a 4' level to make sure the low spot is filled in with no dips or humps.

If you have some lines or ridges in the material left from the trowel. Wait until the repair material is hard (approx. 1 - 2 hours) and use a palm sander with 60 grit sand paper to "sand" out the lines and feather the edges to meet the existing floor.

Both these repair materials would fix your low spot in your concrete floor. The main difference is one self-levels and one is hand troweled. You can also contact CTS's tech support and ask them which product would work best.

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