How to fix rough broom finished concrete sidewalk

by Mike
(Bardstown ky)

Q. I recently had new concrete sidewalks & a patio pour with colored concrete . They swept the concrete to deep & didn't work it properly now it looks and feels rough and the color is not consistent. Can the finish be fixed?

A. There are two things you can do fix the rough finish. One is, you could grind or polish the surface which would remove the rough broom finish and smooth the surface of the concrete. Some of the aggregate would be exposed giving you a nice smooth decorative look to your sidewalk and patio. A concrete sealer could be applied with some grit additive to keep it from being too slippery when it gets wet.

Second, a concrete overlay could be installed over the rough surface with color added to it and lightly broomed, giving you more of the look you were first looking for. An experienced installer could do either of these finishes rather easily.

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