How to minimize having a slippery driveway in the winter

by Judy G.
(Groveland, California, USA)

Question: My driveway is about 240 feet long, slightly curved and a bit more than moderately steep. We are considering installing a colored and stamped driveway. What is the best way to minimize it being slippery if it rains or snows? We live at about 3200 elevation in Northern California and don't have a lot of snow, but it does happen occasionally during the winter season. Thank you.

Judy G.

Answer: To minimize the concrete driveway being slippery when it rains, you can add some Gator Grip additive:

to some concrete sealer and spray or roll the sealer onto the surface. I would use 1lb per 5 gallons of sealer. Mix together with a battery drill & jiffy mixer. Apply at about 250 sq. ft. per gallon. This will give the surface some grip to go along with the texture of the stamped concrete.

In the winter, I would recommend to only use some sand. The concrete deicers will eventually cause some damage to the surface in the form of pitting or scaling. I also have a concrete driveway and have just used sand for years with no damage to the concrete while providing very good slip resistance.

Mixing paddle if you need one:

Cordless drill if you need one:

Sprayer to apply the concrete sealer:

Concrete sealer:

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